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Pat Schnurr (CPF,OCAD) of Picture It Framed, is a regular contributor to the community SNAP magazine, authoring articles on framing and related topics.

Make Your House a Home
If you would like to have a home filled with personality and one-of-a-kind treasures, custom framing can help you do exactly that. Many people have thinks like art, photos and diplomas framed, but there is so much more that can be done! In fact, nearly anything can be framed. A custom framer can create special frame designs to address our unique READ MORE…


If you are an artist working in two-dimensional media, then you will likely need to become familiar with framing out of necessity, so that you can display your artwork. It is more cost effective for the artist to frame his or her own pieces of artwork, because then you can select and control every framing supply, so that the final look of your piece will also be in keeping with your artistic vision. A key component of the finished look will be the picture frame. There are many choices you can make READ MORE…

Paper Art Production
Becoming  the owner of a piece of paper art, perhaps a nice photo, drawing or artprint that is precious to you is a exciting experience and keepsake that should last a very long time…if handled appropriately.

Most prints if treated  with care, considering  the permanence of ink and paper configuration used today have a predicted display life of over one hundred years. Damage from improper handling or from exposure to extreme environmental conditions are permanent and often magnify READ MORE…

Helping to Keep our World Picture Perfect
Responsible picture framers are committed to taking steps each day to ensure they are making a difference in protecting the future of our natural resources. As part of that committment, we are proud to offer certified forest-friendly READ MORE…

To Weight or Not To Weight – March 2011

A bottom-weighted mat is one in which the bottom margin is wider than the other three sides. It is my style in framing to add more matting to the bottom to compensate for an optical illusion where the eyes will fool the brain into  thinking the bottom of a mat is narrower when a mat is actually equal on all sides.   READ MORE…

Cleaning and Repairing Picture Frames

Good quality picture frames are an investment and do require occasional care and cleaning in order to look their best and remain in good condition for many years. The New Year is a very good time to address the cleaning and repair of our precious artwork.  READ MORE …

What is a Certified Picture Framer? – July 2010 –

Custom picture framing is vital to showcasing and protecting artwork and collectibles. A certified picture framer, who does the work on the premises, will ensure high standards that will protect your art for years to come.


Picture Frame Glass – June 2010 –

It is common to assume that the clear material you look through to admire artwork in a picture frame is always glass.  But there are alternatives to glass, and so the general term used for this material is actually picture “glazing”.


Displaying and Grouping Art – May 2010 –

Creating and hanging art groupings or clusters allows our individuality to shine through. It is a great method to showcase our family photos, memorabilia, awards, collectibles, prints and paintings. READ MORE …

Artwork for Treasured Christmas Gifts

The best way to display and protect your gift of a picture or piece of artwork is to get it framed by a Certified Picture Framer. The techniques that Certified Picture Framers use include a traditional frame with museum glass and a mat board, a deep shadowbox frame used for collectibles, a floating frame that allows a view of the back of the picture and READ MORE…

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