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A Mirror or Art?

By Pat Schnurr.  Published in SNAP magazine, April 2010.

Framed mirrors are becoming a popular choice in many homes and offices since they are both decorative and functional. Mirrors will never replace art but they do have their place as an affordable, attractive and
creative approach to adding interest in a room. Do not underestimate the dramatic effect that a quality mirror can have in creating an illusion of openness and atmosphere.

Mirrors, like pictures, should be hung just above eye level for function. When determining “eye level,” consider whether the time spent in the room is seated time (a living/dining room) or standing time (a hallway).

Mirrors are great for creating an illusion of openness and are an affordable, easy way to add sparkle and texture.

Place mirrors on each side in narrow hallways to make the space seem less claustrophobic.

A framed mirror can be a great addition to a drab environment, so investing in a quality mirror and frame that stands out and complements the rest of the home décor will create instant interest.

A mirror on the front entrance wall opens the space and allows you last-minute views before entering the world.

Use uniquely framed mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms to add personality and warmth; you can be liberal here, especially if the room is small.

Make sure you place mirrors at usable heights; it can be frustrating and cumbersome if you are forced to bend or jump just to use a mirror.

Mirror groupings can become a dramatic focal point in a main entryway or above a stairway, welcoming visitors in a bold, but inviting manner.

Never underestimate the impact that a quality mirror can have on the atmosphere of your home.

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  1. parisframemakers permalink
    July 14, 2010 8:45 pm

    Great post about the importance of custom mirrors! The most fun part about creating a mirror is that the frame choices have little to no limitations, like when framing art work 🙂

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