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If you are an artist working in two-dimensional media, then you will likely need to become familiar with framing out of necessity, so that you can display your artwork. It is more cost effective for the artist to frame his or her own pieces of artwork, because then you can select and control every framing supply, so that the final look of your piece will also be in keeping with your artistic vision. A key component of the finished look will be the picture frame. There are many choices you can make when it comes to picture frame moulding, whether wood picture frame moulding or metal, as well as the width and depth of the picture frame moulding pieces.

The first choice you will want to consider is whether you would prefer to use metal or wood picture frame moulding. While paintings are traditionally framed in wood frames, fine art photographs often utilize metal picture frame moulding. Slender and sleek, metal picture frames moulding is subtle, and does nothing to distract the viewer’s eye from the artwork inside the frame. This effect is heightened when the frame is paired with a wide white-colored mat board. This is the look that you will most often see in fine art photography galleries. However, unless you live in a contemporary home, metal picture frame mouldings may be a little harsh and sterile when placed in a more casual or rustic interior design style. For use in the home, wood picture frames moulding can be a better choice because it blends into these sorts of common interior design styles more smoothly.

The width and depth of the picture frame moulding pieces also play a role in the final appearance of your artwork. You can find picture frame mouldings ranging from narrow to wide widths, so you can select what will be the best fit with your artwork. Wider pieces of picture frames moulding may be a better choice for large pieces of art because the frame will be sturdier and can handle the weight of a large artwork, whereas fine art photographs are typically framed in narrow metal frames made from anodized aluminum picture frame mouldings.

Color may also come into play with your picture frame moulding choices. Wood frames may be coated with a clear substance so that the natural wood shows through, or it can be stained or even painted to complement your artwork. Metal frames will most often come in a classic black color.

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