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Cleaning Picture Frames

By Pat Schnurr.  Published in SNAP magazine

Good quality picture frames are an investment and do require occasional care and cleaning in order to look their best and remain in good condition for many years. The New Year is a very good time to address the cleaning and repair of our precious artwork.

Cleaning a Gilt Frame

Gilt frames are covered in gold, and they usually very ornate and exceptionally beautiful. Even with the utmost care, the gold sometimes becomes worn.
Improper cleaning can wear away gilt finish. To properly clean a gilt picture frame simply go over it with a cotton ball and a little rubbing alcohol. Remove dirt and grime from nooks and crannies with cotton swabs. With occasional careful cleaning, you can keep the gilt looking as good as new.

Cleaning a Wooden Frame

Orange oil comes from the glands of orange rinds, and it’s great for routinely polishing wood picture frames.

Glass Cleaning

To clean the glass in a picture frame use a good quality glass cleaner and spray into clean dry cloth. Wipe with the cloth to clean and avoid streaks.

Mat Cleaning
Freshening the mat or replacing damaged or faded mats can breath new life and update the artwork.

A custom picture framer should be consulted concerning the repair and internal cleaning of your picture framing package. Any buckling of the artwork can be addressed when it is inspected by a Professional Picture Framer. The corners or joins may need regluing if they have been stressed by hanging or the hanger and wire mechanism may need replacement. For a minimal cost, a good quality picture frame can be inspected and repaired to lengthen the life of it for further enjoyment of the artwork.

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