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Displaying and Grouping Art

Before you start pounding nails into the wall, take some time to plan your grouping. You can lay it out on the floor on newspaper pages, trace around each piece once you’re satisfied and then tape the paper to the wall as a template.

Here are some tips you can use to create your own groupings:

Display Collections Together

Hanging a collection together is an interesting way to pull any group of wall art together. Similar framing of the pieces regardless of color size or subject matter is the best way to give the arrangement a sense of balance and unity.

Build Up and Out

Start with the largest or most special piece for the focal point of your grouping, then build your arrangement upward and outward

Think 3D

Don’t limit yourself to hanging only objects originally intended as flat art. If it speaks to you, looks good and you can figure out a way to secure it to a wall, you can include it in your art grouping.

When it comes time to hang a grouping, we tend to think in terms of using one flat wall surface. Doing so may limit our options for where and how much we can hang. This clever idea from LaCondesa blog shows a grouping wrapping around a corner. Whether you have an elaborate grouping to hang, or just a pair of framed art pieces, consider corners.

Consider the Rest of the Room

When planning your grouping repeat shapes and themes from the other objects in the room for harmony and dramatic effect.

Beware of Clearance

Make sure you have the needed clearance for doors and cabinets to open.
Hung individually, little pictures can get lost. However, a tight arrangement of them makes an impressive statement with big impact.

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