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Paper Art Production

Becoming  the owner of a piece of paper art, perhaps a nice photo, drawing or artprint that is precious to you is a exciting experience and keepsake that should last a very long time…if handled appropriately.

Most prints if treated  with care, considering  the permanence of ink and paper configuration used today have a predicted display life of over one hundred years. Damage from improper handling or from exposure to extreme environmental conditions are permanent and often magnify under glass.

The surface of printed material is delicate and when unmounted are vulnerable to cresecnt-moon creases. Therefore, when handling artwork or photo paper, support the long sides of the paper with both hands, lifting the paper by opposite corners (top-left and bottom right, for example), allowing the paper to gently bow or sag in the center. We recommend that you protect the area to be touched with folded paper or by wearing clean cotton gloves.

Works on paper are highly sensitive to intense lighting an should not be exposed to direct sunlight, unfilterd fluorescent lamps or the heat of incandescent bulbs. Avoid displaying artwork in locations with excessive heat, humidity or dramatic shifts in temperature.

Your paper art should be professionally framed with archival-quality, 100% acid-free materials. The print should be protected from photochemical or light damage and physical damage such as shattered glass.

If the print is stored rather than displayed, lay it flat and separated from the other prints with a sheet of acid-free paper. Storage conditions should maintain 68-72 F (20-21 C) temperatures and 45-55% humidity.

Treated as paper art needs to be, it will be enjoyed a lifetime and more.

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