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What is a Certified Picture Framer?

By Pat Schnurr.  Published in SNAP magazine, July 2010.

Custom picture framing is vital to showcasing and protecting artwork and collectibles. A certified picture framer, who does the work on the premises, will ensure high standards that will protect your art for years to come.

A Certified Picture Framer (CPF):

  • Has at least one year of experience
  • Has passed a comprehensive written examination
  • Is familiar with materials, techniques and design theories
  • Is internationally recognized
  • Is accredited by the Professional Picture Framers Association, an industry trade association

The certified picture framer can assist you with all of your framing needs, whether it be conservation framing for original artworks, stretching and framing canvasses and needlepoints, or creating a shadow box to show off the unique object you may want to display, from a signed sports jersey to a collection of your great grandparents’ keepsakes. The main purpose of a frame is to support and showcase your art and keepsakes while properly protecting it from damage.

If you have already made some decisions about where the picture will hang, or colours and styles you want the framing to enhance, be sure to let the framer know at the beginning of your visit so that they may address these issues during the design process. Original art on canvas or paper; objects; photographs including graduations, family, baby, wedding, sports teams; awards, diplomas, certificates; maps, rare documents, stamps; bowls, quilts, prints, posters, needlepoint, mirrors and more can all be showcased – there is no limit for any piece that is valuable, collectible, or has great long-term sentimental value. Conservation framing materials should be offered to preserve the artwork. Conservation framing refers to the materials used to frame your piece. Acid-free, museum and rag matting is the type of matting used for preservation. Use UV protecting glass to help keep your art from fading.

If it’s worth framing, it’s worth framing right!

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